nyheter /// Academy on International Dispute Resolution

The 6th Summer Academy on International Dispute Resolution, Hiedelberg 19-20 juni och 1-4 juli. Mer info här .
Årets tema är European and International Civil Procedure (!) och Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Uppdatering: mer info och program har nu inkommit, det finner du här samt på denna länk seminar-bss-programme

Conference on Arbitration and EC Law
5th-6th December 2008 in Heidelberg, GermanyThe relationship between European civil procedure and arbitration has been intensely debated among legal scholars and practitioners for a long time. Lately, the debate has been fuelled by:
The upcoming decision of the European Court of Justice which will decide on the availability of anti-suit injunctions for the protection of arbitral agreements (case C-185/07). On September 4th, 2008 Advocate General Kokott proposed in her conclusions not to permit such remedies in the European Judicial Area;
Recent case law in several EC Member States addressing the arbitrability of EC antitrust law;
In 2009, the European Commission will implement improvements to the Regulation Brussels I. Last year, a preparative report, analyzing the application of the Regulation in the EU, was published. The non-binding Report, commonly known as the Heidelberg Report, proposes to delete the arbitration exception in article 1 no. 2 (d) in order to bring ancillary proceedings relating to arbitration under the scope of the Regulation Brussels I.
The conference will bring together the most highly regarded experts in the fields of arbitration and litigation. It will offer a unique opportunity to discuss the proposals of the Heidelberg Report, and the latest developments in European procedural law.